Project Library

The Chestnut Cottage exists as an archive for numerous projects from the past, present, and future including web-novels, radio plays, video games, short films, and animations.

This Project Library is an exhaustive but incomplete list of projects which are in various stages of production either created by Jake Lewsey or projects which they have contributed toward as a writer, director, editor, or sound designer.

These stories primarily take place in a single universe, known as the Indigo Timeline.

The list


☉ Stories ☉



In the midst of a riot, a young man wakes to find himself trapped in a medical centre. Lost, confused and nameless; the boy finds himself surrounded by monsters as they escape from captivity and wreck havoc upon Japan.

When the boy meets a group of people affected by the situation as much as himself, they must put a stop to the devastation caused by the demons. Halted by Project Sin, The Hunter’s Guild, and the New Earth Army, the group will stop at nothing to destroy the Shinigami.



☾ L90


It was only a year ago that the undead tore through the land of plenty but Australia has adapted to the zombie menace. They’re no longer a threat, they’re a commodity in the ever-adaptable society hidden behind the protective Sydney Wall.

The story is much different for those exiled from the city who must fight to survive in the Zombie Nation, but what about the undead themselves?



'Volume III' in progress!


☾ BottleTop


After a tough couple of weeks and a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, biochemistry student Alexis Walker is ready to start again: a new life in a new flat in a new town.

It’s all coming together until she receives the details of a young woman in the outskirts of town and begins stalking her.

BottleTop 2 UNFINISHED.png


'Volume II' in progress!


☾ sweet tooth


Walter Welles is jobless, living in a disused office, but he's certainly not down-on-his-luck. And, when he's mistaken for the crack detective Sweet Tooth, a whole new life opens up for him.



'Volume II' in progress!

☉ Films ☉

Paper Ghost Studioworks

In a world where actual witchcraft is practised on the daily, Donald Trump still managed to become the POTUS. Following his irreversibly nation-damaging first-term, the 59th Quadrennial Presidential Election coincides with the witchy antics of magick school dropout and notorious cat burglar Erika Malleus who craves the knowledge locked away in the three forbidden tomes.

Watch Here


Paper Ghost Studioworks

Having graduated with a useless degree in Media Production, Gideon returns to his Mother's couch. Could a convenient encounter with an old classmate be his big break into the industry?

Watch Here


 First Time
the Sleepy bones detective agency

[On Hiatus]

Scruffy animator Victoria meets police officer and jam enthusiast Rachel for the first date of a lifetime, probably.

Estimated Release - TBA


The chestnut cottage

When two vegan vampires realise they’re the last of their kind with only hours before the world’s greatest vampire hunter bursts through their door, perhaps it’s time to taste some real human blood?

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 A Little Slice Of...
The Chestnut Cottage

A visual travel diary created to serve as a memento of the world's little treats.

Blue Mountains | Changi Airport | France

☉ Sounds ☉

 Walter Welles Mysteries


Sure, Walter Welles might’ve put an end to the Sweet Tooth Incident last year but what has he done for us recently? 

After joining forces with the world’s most accomplished detective, Poppy North, amateur sleuth Walter Welles finds himself on hard times again, unable to catch a break, or a new case.

Sweet Tooth’, a series which ran first in 2016, acts as a prequel to this standalone show.

Episode I | Episode II | Episode III


 scrub club pitch tub
the chestnut cottage


When you can't make the movie of your dreams, just tell people about it. And, y'know, slap a couple of silly pictures on the top so that people will think the jokes are funnier. 

The 'Scrub Club Pitch Tub' is a half-legitimate solo podcast in which I talk about some of my old, impossible university projects. It was, once upon a time, going to be a real podcast but only one of us could fit in the bath.

Episode I | Episode II 


☾ Milly Foster Macabre Investigator

After having been “let go” from her position due to cutbacks, former English Lit teacher Milly Foster wades into the unusual world of Macabre Investigation.

The series is presented by MisfitsAudio, written and directed by Mike Murphy, and edited by Jake Lewsey.

Episode I | Episode II | Episode III | Episode IV | Episode V

'Episode VI' in Production!
Estimated Release - TBA


☾ The Corner Bar on Alpha Prime


On the far-off world of Alpha Prime, Earthman Kent Stone brings a new bartender to his watering hole, an android known as SAL, who supposedly has 1,001 uses.

The series is presented by MisfitsAudio, written and directed by Mike Murphy, and edited by Jake Lewsey [under the pseudonym ‘Alex Lawsford’].

Episode I | Episode II | Episode III


 Headphones Reaper
The Chestnut Cottage


Lup Fujiwara is the son of a successful lawyer… rather, he was the son of a successful lawyer. Now, due to a slip-up, he’s trying to win his soul back from the Reapers.

This two-episode story marks the first attempt made to turn a one-shot story into an audio play. Headphones Reaper is expected to make a return to The Chestnut Cottage in 2016.

Episode I | Episode II


☾ Clementine Lion
The sleepy bones detective agency

[On Hiatus]

In a sticky situation, Clementine Lion wouldn’t know what to do. Thankfully, you are in control of this awful mess of genetics.

Take part in Clementine’s life in this psychedelic, ‘choose your own adventure’ game built with Twine.

I'll finish it, one day.

Concept Demo

☾ Siper
The sleepy bones detective agency

[On Hiatus]

Set in the early-1990's, a newcomer joins distinguished military contractor Flèche D'argent at the request of the CIA.

A covert operation awaits in South America as a phantom group is uniting Nicaraguan rebel groups to overthrow a small portion of the country as a nation state.

Siper is a short, interactive piece of fiction with basic character creation, several endings, and a relationship system.