EYES。 Volume II: Turn VIII - Greed

In a burst, a white light filled the arena blinding both The Greed and Ayame. This light warmed everything in the cage and slowly Saboten floated to his feet, burning a hot white. Air filled his lungs and the two blades, stuck in his chest, pushed themselves free. His wounds healed, his fingers grew back and his heart burst into action.
    “What the hell is going on?” The Greed yelled, unable to believe the revival act in front of his eyes. They bulged out of his head, struggling to comprehend reality. “You should definitely be dead.”
    Saboten opened is eyes; both of them. The sclera of his left eye had been dyed a dark red colour and his pupil reformed: triangular. Around the pupil, a thick, black circle, just like Belphegor. But that wasn’t it, Saboten’s form had changed: his long, damaged hair had shrunk back to its original, short length. Now, rather than hanging below his ankles, it sat simply above pointed ears and the fringe just tickled the edge of his eyelid.
    He felt powerful. In this dire situation, he grinned, showing off a single, fanged tooth on the left side of his mouth. As the light begin to fade, his blood-soaked hat hit the ground. He could see in the darkness now, Ayame was okay and The Greed was pacing in fear. The fight was already over. “What are you?” The Greed muttered to himself, “how did you survive?”
    Saboten remained silent. Stepping forward, the boy broke both blades and filled the prideful face of The Greed with fear and regret. His eyes were darting towards Ayame, waiting for the right moment to attack her. Saboten recognised her now, she was his friend, his only friend. His memories were back, at least a few of them, but this brought along weakness. He had to protect her, no matter what. That was what he did, he disappeared - rather - he moved far too fast for anybody to follow. When he reappeared, his fist was lodged between The Greed’s ribcage. “Why… are you not de-” his mumble was cut short as Saboten’s right fist crushed his jaw. 
    “I have a guardian angel.” He said, throwing The Greed’s heavyweight body like laundry. He followed, grabbing his throat midair and pressing him up to the chains. “You made a big mistake killing me.”
    “Shut up.” Saboten shouted, digging his nails into The Greed’s thick skin. “Are you ready to stop?”
    “Not by a long shot,” he struggled to speak behind Saboten’s grip, rustling around in his coat, trying to break free.
    “Saboten! Look out,” Ayame called from behind, “he must have another weapon!”
    “Too late!” Two extra arms stretched out from The Greed, breaking through the open coat and punching Saboten in the chest. 
    “Shit,” he coughed as he fell backwards. Those extra arms, covered in a thick, white armour, felt like iron against his body.
    “I’m not done yet, kid.” 
    “Me either!” Saboten also had a trick up his sleeve, something Belphegor whispered in his ear. He stood, throwing his right arm in front of him as a flurry of steel chains flew from all four of The Greed’s sleeves. “Accuser.” As he shut his eye, Saboten felt an intense heat surround his upper body and, with a fierce flash of red, a sword appeared. Black hilt, wrapped in a white cloth. The blade, cloudy yet translucent, shone like a ruby with a dark red hue. The weapon was weightless and he could move it with ease. A single swipe tore the chains to hundreds of pieces. 
    “Now,” he began, directing his words to the sword itself. “What else can you do?”
    “I won’t let you find out!” The Greed shouted, running as fast as his broken body would let him.     “Bingo!” he screamed, blood climbing his throat. The chains, becoming thinner with each breath, shot straight for the boy’s face but he didn’t even flinch. Instead, he took a stance: pointing the sword towards his foe. As the chains seemed to crawl closer, he shouted, “Lunar Shot!” 

And, as he did, the circle around his pupil began to turn quickly and, all around him, a red aura began to flow. From around the guard-less hilt of his weapon, a pale blaze formed and - within a second - it burst forwards silently, powering through the chains and shot straight through The Greed’s chest. The beam continued, flying through the cage which began to dissolve around Saboten and Ayame.
    Free, they watched The Greed collapse with a large, bloody hole in his chest which, shortly thereafter, tore, bifurcating him. A gurgle left his throat and he died. Saboten sighed victoriously, a fleshy, pitch-black sheath covered his weapon’s blade and it vanished in a burst of harmless red flames. Upon realising Ayame may still be in danger, he moved slowly towards her stare. There was fear behind those eyes but nothing he could do would help her unsee the blood. She was afraid of blood.
    Saying her name aloud, Saboten watched Ayame study him. He felt taller, different, transformed. She recognised this change, “Saboten? Is that really you?” Travelling across his body, her eyes tracked differences left, right and centre. His reply cut itself short as a hug leapt from his body. He couldn’t help himself, a wealth of feelings released themselves all at once in the form of a crushing vice.
    “It’s me.”
    “Memories and all?” she asked with this grin so false, it could’ve been an advertisement. 
    “Everything but my name, as far as I know.”
    “Good enough for me!” There was an obvious barrier between each smile, a fraction of hesitation. Her gaze flickered between his eyes, she didn’t know where to look. The triangle had stopped spinning since the battle ended and the adrenaline flushed itself from his body. However, the dark red of the sclera made her physically uncomfortable. Noticing this, the boy backed off. “Sorry…”
    “It’s fine,” he told her, “I’m sure it’ll go away soon.”
    Oh, look. Your girlfriend is afraid of you.
    “Quiet, I thought you were leaving.”
    You’re no fun.
    “Hey!” shouted a familiar voice, Hideki Toramaru was waiting amongst dissolving chain matter.     “Did you two forget about us?”
    “Hideki!” Ayame called back to him, leaving Saboten behind to charge Hideki despite knowing him all of two hours. Saboten followed, no matter what he thought, happy to see Hiro was standing straight.
    “Saboten, what happened?” the axe-wielder asked, “I think it might be time for you to start explaining.”