EYES。Volume I: Turn I - Open

Despite the ever-lasting quest for peace on our Earth, the human spirit has been broken on far too many occasions. Our downfall began after the leading power fell in the year 2996 as several small wars broke out across the globe, whether the cause was fuel, harsh words or religious controversy, it seemed there was always a battle to be fought. The fighting was never truly going to end, not until somebody was able to intervene. One man - backed by world leaders far and wide - began to develop a system that would solve mankind’s difficulties across the globe: a united system to wipe the slate clean. This man was Donald Carter, and he was the father of the New Earth Alliance. 
   The Alliance was a system built to pool together leaders of all breeds: kings and presidents and prime ministers alike would shake hands and agree, forcing countries to share their property like siblings, not neighbours. A twisted sense of normality was able to thrive and from this, a new faculty emerged. The New Earth Army, a battle ready force of brutes built to take down any opposing party whether military or militia. The Earth’s mightiest soldiers were taught and conditioned to destroy any folk with enough guts to stray from New Earth Alliance regulations.   They were peacekeepers in the eyes of the public but Carter grew to see them as a gateway. As with all those in such a position, Carter’s alignment shifted: he wanted more than the fame and fortune his brainchild had brought him. All the firepower in the world was sitting at the end of a telephone wire, the alliance gave him strategic control over the globe. A single speech was made into the depths of a video camera and the New Earth Army took up arms to destroy entire cities in mere hours.
    “Terrorist cells,” that’s what the public was told. A rancid excuse for the murder of millions by nothing more than hired mercenaries. There was no use hiding behind the lies, the promised land of peace had been dug up from its holy roots and shovelled into the underbelly of despair. Within the week, Donald Carter lay still on the singed steps of his California home, a bullet in his head and a number on his wife’s. It was fear that caused the New Earth Army to disband in silence. No secret, skulking media outlet had the tenacity to mention the scattering of soldiers and so, crime rates continued to drop.   Amongst dashes of light peeking from behind the darkness of war was the birth of a drug. A prospering medicinal company from Japan known as ‘Scarecrow Research’ received the final lump sum of funding from Donald Carter, a few additional dollars combined with an additional couple of weeks allowed the chemistry of a ‘super-drug’ to fall into place. A single pill which could help reverse the effects of long-term ailments. They called it ‘Eden’ and it disappeared as it touched the shelves on January 1st 3001.
    A miracle to most, the coin sized pill could ward off late-stage cancer in weeks. It was a huge success, of course, and it lined the pockets of Scarecrow president: Atticus Kazuhiko. From that day, he could’ve ran the world from his black leather office chair. He stood in front of the world and promised each and every person to right the wrongs of the dead Donald Carter. He would take the New Earth Alliance under his wing and rebuild it, army and all. With this in mind, Scarecrow Research could no longer stay in the medicinal industry alone. They branched out widely, particularly into weapons development industries under the watchful eyes of chief researcher Ichirou Miyazaki who - one year later - came to Atticus Kazuhiko with an idea that would change the world.

You could call them cultists but, for hundreds of years prior, those who were brave enough have attempted to communicate with the Shinigami: a hidden race of brutal, nightmarish beasts residing in a world parallel to our own. A barren existence spent in the Kara Sekai, the empty world. Unbeknownst to Atticus Kazuhiko, Ichirou Miyazaki spent his formative years as one of these cultists and was among the very few to have made true contact. He believed himself to have spoken with the King of the Shinigami, whom offered him a bargain he could not refuse.   Through blood ritual and human sacrifice, this bargain brought forward the idea of soldiers: humans pumped with Shinigami DNA in order to unlock the true potential of both races, mastering demonic powers known as ‘Turns’. They were to be immortal and unstoppable but the process was painstaking and needed perfecting. For twenty years, Atticus ignored Ichirou’s devilish dealings as he summoned the Shinigami into our own world.
    The unwilling human hosts became hostile, the experiments failed consistently as the weak, spongy flesh of the humans could not accept the scarred tissues, resulting in horrific inhuman monsters dubbed Hakujou. Ichirou did not give up the chase, sacrificing pint after pint of his own blood to summon more powerful demons from the realm beyond, delving into the culture of the Shinigami and discovering their royalty: the Shinigami Lords. They were among the first to be created by their King whom reserved the most powerful to be his children. They each ruled a select area of the Kara Sekai and held much more human forms, perfect for Ichirou’s dealings.
    The more flippant of Lords were coaxed from their domains with ease, their stable DNA was transferred and the soldiers Atticus desired were created. Human and Shinigami fusions; the Kanzen Hakujou. The Shinigami weren’t pleased with their new roles in society, more powerful than their hosts they reformed as a piece of the human subconscious to influence the human’s decisions and even manipulate the body themselves, reclaiming their physical form for short periods of time.
    It was November 21st 3021 when one Shinigami released itself from its cage. It alone began the destructive era of Earth’s history we call the ‘Shinigami Hakyoku’. The Japanese facility was destroyed and, in turn, hundreds - no - thousands of Shinigami, Hakujou and Kanzen were released into a world that would never be ready for their presence. Many died, and all was thought to be lost. The only hope for the new world stoop upon the wreckage of the Scarecrow facility, a small group of Kanzen who retained their sanity, who made it their goal to eradicate the Shinigami infestation from the face of the Earth.

    A soldier turned shopkeeper.
    A sword-smith criminal.
    An officer of the law.
   All led by a high-schooler and his only friend.
   This is their story.

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