The Loosely Construed Escapades of Clementine Lion! [DEMO]


Have you got a spare half an hour? Do you like interactive fiction? What about well-dressed, amorphous blue blobs trying to start a new life? 

Have a crack at this; ClemmyLion is a short comedy story which takes place in the town of Wednesday, home to the 'Fictional and Imaginative' creatures. Our protagonist - Professor Clementine Lion - moves to this town to follow their dream of teaching film studies to new students their craft.

It's up to you whether the Professor even makes it to the University! This demo covers the first half of the main storyline which acts as one of six possible stories, each with their own collective of endings, characters, and jokes!

There's even dating sim elements, yo!

The above link takes you to a Dropbox; just download the, decompress it, and whack the HTML file into Chrome or FireFox.

Enjoy, or don't. 


I've only been working on it for like, two years now.