Hello, that's me.

My name is Jake Lewsey. I'm a writer, director, and editor based in Cardiff, Wales.

I've been using this website as an archive for more than six years to improve myself and, in those six years, I've been offered the opportunity to accrue various talents and take on a huge amount of different roles and projects. 

At the moment, I'm working on a three episode audio drama, a visual novel, and a series of interconnected short films.

Elsewhere in the world, I work as a video content producer for Releases.com, an editor for Otter Wales, and an award-winning audio engineer for MisfitsAudio.


If you would like to get in contact, be it for business or a chat, I've got a Twitter, a Youtube Channel, and a LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, I have a personal Twitter account if you're into that weird-tweet stream of consciousness sort of thing.

I love you a little bit x

Currently, I am available for commission work whether you’re in need of a writer, audio engineer, or general post-production services. If you need to contact me, shoot an email over to jake.thechestnutcottage (at) mail.com.